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with nearly 2 billion websites on the internet

I help you stand out from the crowd and share your message.

What is the point of the internet, anyway?


Man has been pondering this question since the dawn of time (okay, thirty years, but still). Since I can’t sit down with Al Gore over a cup of coffee and ask him straight out, I’ll offer my hypothesis:​ Connection.


The internet exists to connect humans. We crave real connections and authentic stories that speak to our interests, struggles, and vulnerabilities. We buy from brands that can tell us the why behind what they do, not just the what. 

And I hate to break it to you, when it comes to creating connection, no amount of pretty photos can do all the heavy lifting.​ You need the right words.

That’s my cue: I’m Micah Robbins, and I help creative entrepreneurs like you find the right words to connect with your ideal audience and sell more. I define or refine the brand voice you already know and love but can’t quite articulate, so you can spend less time staring at a blank page and more time focusing on your business superpower.

Ready to craft a message that nurtures your audience and grows your business?

Your business will blossom with copy that...

Plant roots grow with copy

Plants Roots

Establishes a strong brand voice and clear message, and positions you as the authority in your industry.

Water your business with strong copy nurture leads

Nurtures Leads

Attracts your dreamboat clients by speaking directly to their interests, wants, needs, and struggles.

Flower blossom use words and copy to bloom

Grows Revenue

Converts your dreamboat clients from browsers into happy buyers who know your product or service is the perfect fit for them.  

...and when it comes to copy, I've got a green thumb.

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Stop, you're making me blush...

Micah is basically a copywriting magician.

Writing my own copy for my website was just PAINFUL. Micah was able to take exactly what I wanted to say, but couldn't, and turned it into something beautiful that I am proud to share. I wanted to cry, it was so perfect. I am proud for others to view my website now that I have an ‘about me’ section that isn't BLAH anymore!

–Gabrielle McVey, Archer and Stone Media