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if you're looking for a soft spoken writer with a quick wit

So many entrepreneurs believe the cliché that if you simply follow your heart, the money will follow. But pure creativity doesn’t mean you can ignore economics or human behavior.


That's why I marry the art of writing with the science of writing. I focus a little less on fanciful prose, and a little more on defining, matching, and positioning your brand voice for success. Through years of working with clients in various creative industries, I’ve mastered the formulas and strategies that turn prospective clients into loyal customers.

You're in the right place.

Now when I say formulas, I mean writing formulas. As a homeschool kid, I spent most of my days reading and writing because, well, my mom wasn’t a big fan of math and science. The obsession stuck, and I went on to earn my bachelors degree in writing from Pepperdine University. Friends were constantly asking me to edit their papers, write their resumes, and spruce up their LinkedIn bios. I realized my skills met a need in the world: helping people solve problems through writing. 

I embraced my inner copy nerd and committed to helping others magnify their message. 

I went on to work in digital marketing and social media management, and now I run Blossom Copy (don't worry, I eventually learned how to balance an equation). I believe copy informs design and vice versa. A great copy writer should know enough about related fields to be a strong team member. Although I stay in my lane these days, my skills in graphic design, web design, and photography enrich my work and make me a valuable partner on any project or team. 

Glad you're here,


Rapid Fire Round


Los Angeles.

Craziest fashion choice?

Gauchos every day of 5th grade. 

Coffee or tea?

Coffee x2.

Favorite book?

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ideal Friday night?

Watching The Office with my man.

Least favorite food?

Fish. Sue me.

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I'm a fun lovin' gal, but I don't mess around when it comes to

My Principles

Generosity of time and spirit.

It pays to be kind.

Follow up, follow through.

Listen to understand first, not to fix.

Stop, you're making me blush...

It was like you were inside my head!

I knew I was missing something and wasn't selling what I was offering to it's full potential. Micah perfectly articulated everything in a few weeks that I had been working for months to say! The moment I read it, I knew. It was like you were inside my head! I feel confident in the copy that you've provided and can't wait to get it all completely set up on the site. 

–Kat Smith, Girls Gone Working